About Us

Everyone think of Charity As an Action. But we think of Charity as a State Of The Heart.

Stree Mandal was established in 1903. This is the oldest NGO for Women and Children in Mumbai. Our Organization was started with education classes, library, sewing and embroidery workshop. Today we are involved in multiple activities.

Every month we provide free grains to around 210 needy women and clothes for them three times a year.

We arrange Educational & Entertainment Programmes for girls aged 7 to 14 years. They are also provided educational aid and free notebooks etc. We organise Medical Camp every year. About 200 girls are members of this Kanya Mandal.

Demonstrations of various useful items and cultural as well as social functions are arranged for entertainment-cum-education of women. There are about 600 members involved in this scheme.

There is a special programme in our organization which is specially meant for women above 60 years. There are about 325 members connected in this scheme.

We conduct Medical seminars, Yoga Classes, Religious & Spiritual Lectures and Entertainment programmes for some category of members.

We also conduct Sugam Sangeet, Bhajan Classes, Garba and Dance Classes for our senior members.

We have donated 'Jaipur Foot' free of cost to people in need.

The members of Sevika Sangh give helping hands to each and every activity of Mandal.

We give financial aid to needy people.

Papad, Vadi, Khakharas, Masalas and other food stuffs prepared by poor women, are supplied to Mandal. Mandal helps them to earn by obtaining orders for them.

Various types of Toys are given to the Children aged between 5 and 12 years to entertain and educate them for playing at the Library premises as well as for carrying the toys at their homes. There are about 100 members. They also offer educational scholarship to needy students.

A Monthly Magazine is published for the members of this organisation in which various activities of the Mandal are covered along with the articles on Current Topics.

We arrange spiritual programmes for members. We always believe in helping others.