Recent Events

Visited school for handicapped children

On 20th Dec2023, we visited the school for handicapped children where they are taught to deal with their disabilities The name of the school is The Society For the edj of the challenged(SEC) Day School . Here the children are bought in the school bus with an attendant to the school where they are given edj /books/uniform etc plus afternoon lunch & when they go back they are given one fruit& pouch of milk . For all this the annual expanse for a child is only Rs 15000/= per year.
The above are the pictures of today's donation. we distributed following items to all 50 children
1. Blanket donated by Tejal Purohit
2. Amul milk bottle donated by Pratimaben Parikh
3. Biscuits 2 packets
4. Perk chocolate
5. X'mas cap (which children wore immediately) which u can see in the photos .

Kutir Udyog

સ્ત્રી મંડળ મુંબઈ - ""કુટીર ઉદ્યોગ""બધા સભ્યો ને ખુબ ખુબ આભાર.શ્રી સત્યનારાયણ મહા પૂજા નુ આયોજન ખુબ જ સુંદર એન્ડ પરફેક્ટ.. પૂજા નો લાભ લઈ ને ખુશ ખુશ થઈ ગયા.ફરી એકવાર પ્રિય , વિજ્યાબેનનો આભાર, તમામ સભ્યોને, સુંદર પૂજા, કથા, અંતે મહાપ્રસાદ માટે.

Distributed Gifts at Tata Hospital

Pictures of distribution of following items at Tata Hosp to 160 cancer stricken children . Date 30th June 2023
1. Rose Syrup
2. Strawberry Jam
3. Salted Channa
4. Salted Peanuts

Program by Vishram

Program by Vishram
Senior citizens too participated.

Lady Taraben Mehta Mahila Vidhlaya

On 19th of June 2023 at Stree Mandal Mumbai in priajene hall we celebrated international yoga day with pyramid formation competition and since this year is declared as international millet year we held millet cooking competition. Total no of participants were 36 divided in 7 groups for pyramid formation and yoga and 13 in millet recipes contest. All the winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions were declared and given prices. All the participants were also given token of appreciation. Unique songs, very well choreographed excellent balance above all there were participants who were above 60 and 70. We must congratulate Jayanaben and her team for putting up such a lovely show year after year. Thanks to all committee members for being there and above all Anjaniben to be present and give her support. Without meenaben, Ranjanben and our staff this wouldn't have been possible. 🙏🏻
Chhayaben and Secretaries

Distributed 50 Aasans, and stationary to Navjeevan school

Distribute 50Aasans, and stationary to Navjeevan school Gujarati Medium Malad East
From Bal pustakaly

Skating Competition

We are overwhelmed by the response today we got for open skating championship held at our mandal. Participants came from all over Mumbai Nerul, Bhayandar, borivali etc etc
Here we would like to add that we have 3 students of ours who have won state level competition it's truly a proud moment and thanks to our Vikas Sir for making it happen. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

Super proud of our teacher Hemalben

91 students participated in our yearly Bharat natyam exam held at our premises after 3 years and all students performed really well with confidence and their dressing too was upto the mark. Examiner who comes from the academy was really happy.
One of the pictures one can see Hemalbens students who have now become teachers and their students too appeared for their exam today.

International Women's Day Celebration

International women's day celebration by our yoga teacher where all the women participated wearing sarees

Open Bus Picnic

Open bus picnic organised by toy library where 46 kids and 33 moms enjoyed to the fullest

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition for Children by Toy Library

Magic show and Jugglery show

Magic show and Jugglery show by Sthayi Pustakalaya
This program was sponsored by Sona Ashar and Pinky Chaudhari.
Total 72 kids were participated

Diwali Hamper Distributed

Diwali hampers packed and distributed to the underprivileged
Thanks to innerwheel club of Bombay Bayview for distributing groceries and diyas to 225 underprivileged women under our scheme anaaj Rahat

A wonderful program by Stayi Pustakalay on importance of mother tongue and should one keep it alive.

જમનાબાઇ સક્કાઇ પુસ્તકાલય દ્વારા આપણી માતૃભાષાને જ્વલંત રાખવાની નેમ આપણી ઓળખને ઉજાગર કરવાનો પ્રયાસ
બચપન સે પચપન અને મારી નાટ્યયાત્રા
સનત વ્યાસ - તખ્તા અને સિરિયલના જાણીતા કલાકાર
સાથે સંવાદ
સંચાલન સંજય પંડ્યા
ગીતમંજૂષા રાઘવ દવે

Started Pathology Cum Diagnostic Centre

Stree mandal Mumbai has started pathology cum diagnostic centre. Everyone can take an advantage of it. Home visits also available

Distribution of Aasan

Distribution of Aasan at Khalapur school for 45 students near Lonavala

Distributed of blankets

Stree mandal distributed blankets at night to street dwellers

Drawing Competition for Kids

Trying to get out kids back to normal again with drawing competition as an activity.

Virtual Antakshari for Senoirs

For our senior citizens for whom it's difficult to get out we organized virtual antakshari for them. We can see how much they enjoyed it 😊

Eye Checkup Camp

Eye check up camp by inner wheel club of Bombay pier

Stationaries distributed by Bal Pustakalay

Distributed Notebooks, colors and nutritious chillis at Khalapur- Lonavala by Bal Pustakalay , Doner Jagrutiben and Bhavana Modi

Blood Donation Camp

Distributed Notebooks, colors and nutritious chillis at KhWe are overwhelmed by the response we got for our Blood Donation Camp in association with Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital,Parel, Mumbai. We want to thank each and every donor who have come forward to help save lives specially when there is scarcity of blood. we saw there were many young boys who came forward to donate blood and we hope our younger generation continues to do so.Our very own Sumita Shah Chhaya Vyas Suparana Khamar Meena Mody Ranjan Joshi @Anjani motiwalla Vijaya Mody Bhavana Trivedi Bhavana Ajay Mody Bharti Dani together made this event even more successful.
Guest of honour for the day were Prof. Dr. Anuradha Potdar Javeri @Durga Gudila (Anam Foundations president.). Thanks to V P Roads senior police inspector @hemant bawadhankar to grace the occasion by his presence.alapur- Lonavala by Bal Pustakalay , Doner Jagrutiben and Bhavana Modi

Started Recovery Center

Streemandal Mumbai has Started a RECOVERY CENTRE for post covid recovery mainly due to the weakness, stress caused by it. Here accomodation, Meals, Tea Snacks, Turmeric milk, PHYSIOTHERAPY, YOGA, Music etc will be provided by us. Nurses, Aayas, Doctor on call will always be there at the centre. All this will be provided 'FREE OF COST'.
Inaugrationof the centre was done by Dr. Prof. Anuradha Vijay Potdar - Jhaveri (Corporator - Ward 218)

Buttermilk Distribution

Buttermilk being distributed for passersby on weekly basis.

Anaj Distribution

Anaj distribution by Nirjaji Kumar Mangalam Birla & her daughter & Swamiji of Chinmaya Mission

Baby Blanket Distribution

Distribution of baby blankets to Wadia Hospital

Diwali Celebration

Diwali can be celebrated in different ways. This Diwali we thought of distributing blankets to new born babies at municipal hospitals which were made by our ladies at our premises.

Thinking of the new born being cozy and comfortable made us happy as well.

Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this.

Support Local Artisans

This Diwali support your local artisans, weavers & small businesses. Every item you purchase from them will help sustain local economy and bring joy to many in need. Make sure
this Diwali is #MadeInIndia
We at Stree Mandal have contributed in every which ways we can and urge All Of You To Do So. 🙏🏻
Happy Diwali and A Prosperous New Year from us

Given to Kutir Udyog

Distributed Diwali Hampers

Given to Kutir Udyog by Vijyaben Mody

Toy Library Slogan Competition

Distribution of Quilt Blankets

Distribution of Quilt Blankets to new born babies in Municipal Hospital

Anaj Vitaran

In the month of April 2020 Stree Mandal- Anaj Viteran - distributed Anaj worth Rs. 95,000/- to needy registered ladies with the help of Suparnaben & her family Members & Chhayaben Vyas. In strick Lockdown.

In October 2020 also Anaj vitaran was done to 200 needy ladies

Distributed Groceries

In May 2020 our trustee Vijyaben Mody recd 500 kgWheat, 500 kg Rice and 500 Kg Chanadal through Food corporateion of India , which we distributed to needy ladies, Wadia Hospital , Chembur Annakshetra & other needy people.

Masala Vitaran

In the month of May Kutir Udyog did Masala Vitran by Neepa Vora

Sponsored Scholorship

In the month of August 2020 from Jayvantiben Mehta streevidyotejec we gave scholarship wort rs. 54000/- to female students.

Bal pustakalay

Bal pustakalay distributed rs. 20,000/- to diff needy students.

Medical Help

Kanyamandal distributed medical kits.

Medical help was given approx rs. 49000/- from Tardeo ladies club & Bhanuben Manubhai Patel’s fund.

Toy Library

Toylibrary did competition of “Best out of Waste”

Toy library did competition of pictures with family slogans.

Toy Library did online drawing competition.

Bhajan Competition